Introducing Gradio Clients

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Build & share delightful machine learning apps

Gradio is the fastest way to demo your machine learning model with a friendly web interface so that anyone can use it, anywhere!

import gradio as gr

def greet(name):
    return "Hello " + name + "!"

demo = gr.Interface(fn=greet, inputs="text", outputs="text")

Fast, easy setup

Gradio can be installed with pip. Creating a Gradio interface only requires adding a couple lines of code to your project.

Seamlessly use any python library on your computer. If you can write a python function, gradio can run it.

Present and share

Gradio can be embedded in Python notebooks or presented as a webpage.

A Gradio interface can automatically generate a public link you can share with colleagues that lets them interact with the model on your computer remotely from their own devices.

Permanent hosting

Once you've created an interface, you can permanently host it on Hugging Face.

Hugging Face Spaces will host the interface on its servers and provide you with a link you can share.

Used by

Amar Saini @_Epoching_

Just built a ️@Gradio app for a video related deep learning project.
I’m astonished by how simple it is to use & how elegant it looks! Lots and lots of great features & flexibility. Thanks for making this ❤

47 · 7:14 AM · Dec 15, 2021

Will Rice @_Will_Rice

Just tried out @Gradio and I am very impressed. Only took like 10mins to put together a #tts demo.

11 · 4:00 PM · Aug 24, 2021

Roxana Daneshjou MD/PhD @RoxanaDaneshjou

Honestly, without @Gradio, we would not be doing a real time AI trial. We have many other ideas for algorithms we want to test through clinical trials, and we know it's possible thanks to @Gradio.

15 · 7:37 PM · Jul 22, 2021

Vinay Prabhu @vinayprabhu

Dear #MachineLearning twitter,
If you haven't typed:
$ pip install gradio
yet, now would be a damn good time.
Especially if you are working in computer vision & deploying models in the real world.

19 · 12:53 PM · Nov 5, 2020

Tanishq Mathew Abraham @iScienceLuvr

After training an ML model, the BEST way to showcase it to the world is to make a demo for others to try!
The easiest way to do so is w/ @Gradio, hosted on @HuggingFace Spaces.
Read my new blog post to learn how to do this (w/ appearance by @fastdotai)!

285 · 4:09 PM · Nov 16, 2021

Dipankar Mazumdar @Dipankartnt

I love low-code ML solutions like @Gradio that do not restricts anyone from making ML accessible. #machinelearning #datascience

0 · 5:52 PM · Aug 17, 2021

Charly Wargnier @DataChaz

Pretty neat that @GradioML!🐍🔥
+ Generate an easy-to-use UI for your #ML model, function, or #API with only a few lines of code!
+ Integrate directly into your @ProjectJupyter notebook
+ or share a link with anyone

@VincentTerrasi #MachineLearning

18 · 5:07 PM · Jan 18, 2021

Chua Chin Hon @chinhon

What's exciting about ML in 2021 is how the building blocks r coming together. Built this headline writer using:
- AutoNLP to finetune Bart
- @Gradio for the UI
- @huggingface's Spaces for hosting and compute
Try it here:

61 · 10:39 PM · Oct 24, 2021

Poonam Ligade @Poonamligade

My son is fascinated with all things about dinosaurs. I built a 🦖 🦕 classifier for him as homework for the first week of the fastai cohort.
I used @Gradio, and deployed on @jarvislabsai. http://dinoapp.jarvis..

305 · 2:34 AM · May 4, 2022